Saturday, September 7, 2013

Barely Escaped

I don't why I was there, I just found myself walking through the door and then everything was enveloped with darkness.  A few minutes more my eyes adjusted and was able to visualize everything. Some movie was playing on the big screen though there's a number of people moving around and not minding what's showing.  It was really hot inside but I managed to find myself a cool area near the fire exit.

Glancing up the balcony, there's a few number of people there compared to the lower part.  I moved up, urging myself to find a decent place to sit.  Found one, just right behind a couple who were busy kissing each other and not minding me.  I settled myself and looked to my right, a mutilated chair and the same to my left. Perfect. Then I focused myself on watching the movie though the very audible moans and similar noise coming from the couple nearby is very distracting.

After a good minute or so, someone seated to my left. He's quite big, muscular if I would put it as his arms were bulging from his tight shirt sleeve, and was wearing a cap so it's hard to make out what he looked like.  A minute more and he rested his palm over my thigh then glanced at me.  I didn't stir and focused on the movie, although I was faking it and was observing him at the corner of my eye.

He moved on with massaging my thigh and his hands were moving up as he did.  It was getting a bit crowded inside my denims so shifted a bit.  Maybe it was a signal for him as he cupped me crotch after I adjusted myself. His hands were moving fast, the next thing I realized is that he was able to unbuckle my left, unbuttoned my jeans and was opening the fly of the zipper.  He reached in and with his other hand, he reached for the garter of my boxers and tugged it down.  Without further ado, he bent down and was licking the head of my tool.

I hadn't had changed oil for almost three days at that time so I was rock solid.  His right hand was massaging my nuts while his left was holding my boxers down.  He was moving up and down my length, taking extra time to suck  and work his tongue on the head.  He was good, no really good. And it wasn't that messy as he's saliva wasn't dribbling all around my groin area.  It was really intense and I was sweating all over so I wiped some sweat off my forehead with my sleeve when I realized some people are gathered up behind us and was watching the show.

Trouble!  I wanted to push him off but he wouldn't move.  In fact, he applied his weight on me but making it impossible for me.  Then another fellow was massaging my right thigh.  Another hand was touching my shoulder.  This is starting to get bad, my mind was screaming but my body wasn't listening to my brain.

When he realized that we have already put up another show, he stopped sucking and cupped the base of my cock, showed it to the onlookers while I was leaking some precum.  The one massaging my right thigh was close enough to me and I saw him lick his lips, beam a smile and made a thumbs up sign.  My seatmate then resumed his sucking this time, more eager than earlier.  Pressure was building already and it's getting out of control.  I stretched my legs forward and muttered a swear.  He sucked harder as I bucked up and released everything that was accumulated.  He hungrily took all and liked my tool clean.

Both of us were breathless.  I instinctively stuffed my tool back to my boxers and zipped up.  He grabbed my left thigh, gave it a squeeze and muttered his thanks.  I saw him go down and approached a group of which where huddled at a corner.

I glanced up and realized that the movie showing was finished and the screen is black already.  I started to walk down as well when suddenly the group of men where my seatmate went shouted that no one should move and they're the police.

You gotta be kidding me!  Panic ensued and everyone was dashing and moving against the order.  I found myself sprinting for the fire exit.  Pushed it forward and I was swallowed by a blinding light and then everything was shaking.

When I regained my sense of sight, the conductor was at the center, instructing the newly boarded passengers to hold on to the railings as the bus continued to roll.  I looked to my reflection and saw myself sweating heavily. As I wiped off the sweat I said to myself, "that was one hell of a dream."


  1. That was one hell of a story. Wow. :)

    1. Crazy right? I really thought I'm goner good thing it was just a dream~♪

  2. dream nga lang ba... chos!


    1. too well narrated ba to be a dream? Hihihi miss ya! ☺

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