Friday, June 14, 2013

Metal Talk And The Invite

Alrighty so everyone if not all, was looking forward for the remake of Superman movie entitled: Man of Steel.  Prior to it hitting the big screen, I was checking out my most wanted bluetooth headset at this Nokia store when one of their reps introduced me to Nokia Lumia 720 (asking to consider buying it yun yung dating sa'kin).  I instinctively told the store rep I have a Lumia phone already.

Him being not wholeheartedly believing me, I fished my Lumia 920 from my pocket and flashed it.  Convinced, he told me to play this 'Man of Steel' app on his phone, if I could let Superman pass through ten rings while flying in mid-air he'll be happy to give me two movie passes for the said movie.

I was thinking, "easy" was able to try it on my phone too but with modesty, I just beamed a smile and nod.  And then it settled in.  I think my heart just skipped a beat.  You see, I was seeing this person, getting to know him and all but I was clueless at that time on how to pull it together to have another meet up and then out of the blue, here it is, a chance for a movie date!

When excitement was kicking in, my hands were shaking, not to mention I was sweaty all over and the store rep is cute too so that's another distraction.  I didn't quite made it the first time but the rep was happy to give me three tries.  Satisfactorily made it the second time though I could tell my hands were still shaking when he handed me the tickets, signed the tracker and made some snapshots.

When disbelief has settled, I found myself riding the escalator with no clue how I made it there.  Then I sent an SMS and without ado, I was able to muster the courage to ask him if he's available on the said date and if he is willing to see the movie with me.

He replied yes, I almost shrieked with glee but was able to contain myself.  I was done for the day (if you may want to know, I have relocated and is still fixing some docs for my next employment but that's another story) and this one finished it with whipped cream and cherry on top.  I boarded my bus to go home with a wide smile plastered on my face ☺

And oh BTW, much thanks to Nokia for the tickets (and yes, I am still a Nokia fan boy!), Jollibee for the up-sized Champ burger meals and you who said yes.  And what happened before and after the movie? I'll post it next time, for now I got a meeting to attend to Hehehe ☺


  1. Grabe 'di pa kita nami-meet hehehe. Mejo busy lang ako lately, naga-ayos ng buhay ko :(

    1. it's okay, no rush hehehe sa LU! Live nalang ☺