Sunday, May 12, 2013

Got Myself A New Toy

My Nokia Lumia920 in Black (taken in a dark room LOL)

Yep, that's a Nokia Lumia 920 which is running on Windows Phone 8 Operating System. 

Now, this is not Engadget (Hi there folks! Love your entries! ☺) so I'll spare you with the phone's specifications. Now, why I steered clear from the iPhone you ask?  Mainly because I'm over the craze about it.  My sister got one and yes, I was able to test drive the device.  Yeah, there's no doubt it can deliver, heck, are there any new devices out there who doesn't?  Second reason is that, I grew up with Nokia, phone is easy to use (period).

What I love about it (if there are souls willing to care) are:
  • The camera's just AWESOME! (translate: Low Light Shot)
  • Synching prowess
  • Access to both Nokia and Microsoft goodies
  • Doubles as life-saving device in dire situations (don't get close to me or else I whack you with my phone!!) LOL ☺
  • XBOX!!!!
  • Ease of use and access (ultra sensitive touchscreen, no need to exert the unwanted effort)
  • Value for Money!
That's the list to name a few ('cause I am loving it more as the days go by)


  1. Sa Android phone pa rin ako :P

    1. napaka mainstream ng Android hahaha. Eh Nokia fan boys kami ni Jc eh ☺

  2. congrats nakuha mo na ang gusto mong phone! enjoy anjoy din hihihi

    1. Oo, yung Tissot gift mo nalang ang kulang hihi ☺

  3. I would also love to have a Nokia Lumia phone kaso taghirap eh :(

    1. Expect some price drop real soon, Elmer... 928 is just around the corner ☺