Monday, April 29, 2013

The April Event

I guess I was that awfully really busy and things popped up thus wasn't able to write anything on this blog and this month's is almost over.  So  I'll do my best to recount how April was for me.  To start off, I plan to leave the company I came back to, yeah yeah... it's my "career change" enzymes and has taken hold of me thus the majority of the reason why I was busy since I was finishing all deliverables to make the transition smooth.

End of March to early April, I got hospitalized:

Got a systemic viral infection with viral exanthem.
Funny though, the rash happened on my second to the last day in the hospital.  Got HMO and PhilHealth so that took care of the bill.  The HMO guys visited me in the hospital, gave me their well-wishes and left me this:

The 22k worth teddy bear LOL ☺
Thank you guys!  If truth be told, this the second time in my existence in this world that somebody gave me a stuffed toy. LOL!

I was out of the hospital already and got back to finish what was left of work.  Then I submitted my resignation letter and as of the moment enjoying the last stretch of my terminal leave.  My summer has not started yet as we have scheduled a family vacay somewhere in the neighboring island. I'm looking forward to it but that would have to be a next blog entry. Hehehe.  I bid my farewell to so some colleagues who were still there (thanks to daylight savings, everyone was going to/leaving from the office early).  It's not in my nature to make some dramatic exits so I left quietly as possible but got some bashing in FB that I wasn't able to let them know it was my last shift at work.

Thanks for the memories guys.  Yes, it was a short travel in NYC though it was fun and meaningful.  Forgive me if some of you were surprised of the news but if truth be told, I really hate and suck at goodbyes.  That's one reason I made it discreet.  The journey isn't over though, hope we bump into each other again. Cheers to all our endeavors! ☺


  1. IntelliBear... hmmm... so IntelliCare pala HMO mo? :)

    1. yep... yung Maxicare di nagbibigay ng goodies eh LOL ☺