Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Double Charged

Earlier, I decided to pay the bank so that I can free myself some dues.  Dues?  Good idea!  After work, I decided to walk to the nearest mall and settle my bill with my internet and phone service provider.

Bill?  Right after I have done the paragraph above, our youngest sent me an SMS.  We meet up and decided to have a snack at this pizza parlor.  My other sibling met us there and decided to have a round of banana split.  I dediceded to bring home two boxes of pizza for the folks back.  When it occured to me to check my credit card charges via my mobile phone.

Viola! The total charge wasn't right!!  "The damn store double charged me!!" I said to myself but I don't want to alarm my siblings.  I took a quick excuse telling them to wait for the take out while I double check with my bank.

The bank was approximately 30-40 meters away from the frickin' pizza chain and the road is being repaired so I decided to walk than ride as it will just slow me down.

Five o'clock. GREAT! Bank's closed.  I decided to move forward and head towards our college tambayan (which was a kilometer and a half away from the cursed pizza chain).  I quickly logged into my online account and couldn't believed what I witnessed.

You gotta be joking!?!  My hunch is getting fortified by the second!  I decided to keep my cool and headed back to the forsaken pizza store.  Picked up my siblings and went home directly.

Back home, I instantly called my bank to confirm. Yep, 500% sure that cursed waitress swiped my card twice as backed by two phonebankers. I instantly asked to have the double charged reversed but they can't for now as the payment is floating and waiting to be posted on the account.  I was advised to do a point of sale reversal so I needed to call the merchant.

I called this pizza chain located along Lacson Street, where we dined.  Asked to talk to their manager, I could hear murmurs on the background then another lady answered the phone (though I was only a quarter convinced that she was the manager indeed).  I informed them of the matter but declined my claim.  I could even hear another voice picked up my phone on the background saying "Wala ah! Wala ko na ya gin double swipe ya!" (Of course not! I didn't double swiped the card!).

I even tried to reach the bank who maintains the terminal of the said pizza store but they can't do anything about it.  I decided to call my bank again and decided to file a complaint against the merchant.

As of the moment and as advised by the bank, we are currently waiting for the said charge to appear on my statement. I just want my money returned, nothing else.  But if the said store is trying to make it difficult, I'll play their game.  I'm even willing to escalate the issue.  It's my money that was taken here.  And in the future, me and the rest of kin are steering clear of the said store. ☺

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