Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dear You (1)

Dear You,

Something and someone made me remember what you have said to me the night we have met (no, it's not what we did and I don't have the courage to write it here Hehehe).  It made me understand better what you meant "tahimik na buhay".

And I guess what I can draw out from your conclusion is this:  I should take an initiative to make my life less cluttered and chaotic.  Altough majority of this will based from my decisions and to some extent from the decision of others.  I guess it's time to sort out which bridge to cross and burn down.

However, as contradicting as I can ever be. Some part of me would like to make a litte note to the conclusion above. That what ever it, it doesn't hinder me from creating new bridges to replace the one burned down already ☺


  1. Amen. pede namang after you burned a bridge, build a stone bridge naman para di na pedeng masunog ulit.

    Tsaka tama ka, kahit naman nagkalayo na kayo, di naman ibig sabihin noon na titigil na rin ang pagpapakatao ninyo sa isa't isa. :D