Wednesday, November 28, 2012


"I never liked surprises." I could recall  myself saying when I was queried about such back in high school.  Yet if truth be told, I have nothing against it. Having thrown several for some, myself.  Or maybe it is because of not receiving any?  How awkward if you think about it. Someone who can effectively throw a surprise but haven't been given any? Hehehe.

Just when I was almost convinced that my turn to receive one is nigh impossible, here's this kind soul with a big heart, who is also warm and fuzzy (and oh, did I mention cute too?) throwing one for me!

Mischief, on top of my unruly bedsideI table ☺

Ain't the surprise cute as well? It came with a cake lighted with candles and roses but I was too astounded at that moment and wasn't able to take a picture actual surprise presentation ☺

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