Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Business in October

The tenth month is always a holiday for our family. Not only that it's MassKara in Bacolod City but also there's a birthday celebration every two days.  So imagine how busy the kitchen would be.  As for me, I can go away with it since I'm quite busy with work (Hahaha).  Well, I won't be really casting off entirely and leave the fate of the kitchen to someone who has assigned to manage the entire proceedings.  I can of course lend a hand.  Now enough of that, so Granny's birthday is done and cousin's as well.  Lola's birthday was just a few days ago and a new niece has just been born, which will add to the list. By tomorrow, it'll be auntie's, a cousin's and a close family friend's.  Then the day after that and then someone else's after.  And the list goes up to the 31st.  As one relative would suggest it, the family should gather and create a two or three-day birthday celebration.  We are still toying with the idea but who knows, maybe in the near future?

n.b. Nyahahaha another +1 to my age as well ☺


  1. Kelan ang main celebration ng Masskara? Sayang, wala me masyadong pera panggastos papunta ng Bacolod :(

    1. Highlights na bukas (October 19) to the 21st, Elmer ☺ Sa February another big event, Bacolaodiat Festival.

  2. Replies
    1. Hahaha advance ka Prom ☺ Still, thanks!