Sunday, September 2, 2012

Buddies Dayout

One in the afternoon, got an SMS from a high school friend inquiring if I am free.  I replied, "yes". Then a barrage of SMS followed the next thing I know, I was heading downtown to meet 'em.

We met at a mall, it's Saturday so there's traffic and lot's of people.  It took me some time to find them.  We sat on a coffee shop and talk for a bit before we decided to move to another location.

It was drizzling then it turned to full blast rain when got to the new location.

So I decided to take some snapshots instead:

A closer look...

A little zoom...

Then when the rain halted.

SM City Bacolod - West Bridgeway

We transferred to another location but not after a few more shots...

Pope John Paul II Tower

Pope John Paul II tower with monument

The tower @ SM's Parking Lot

We transferred to another mall and had dinner there then off we go for some sweets...

R-L, Clockwise - Jan's, Ice's, Pao's and mine.

Choco Caramel Almond Tart for me ☺

Pao's Felicia's Chocolate Cake + Frozen Cappuccino

Jan's Choco Cream Puffs

Ice's Marble Cake

The sweets were devoured with laughter and jokes sparingly and with all that sugar consumed we decided to walk by the Capitol Lagoon before going home.

Provincial Capitol Lagoon

Good friends, good laugh and good food. What can you ask for? ☺


  1. Hindi talaga nawawala ang mga sweets sa mga pictures mo :)

    1. Hehehe di pwede mawala yan, taga-Negros ako eh ☺

  2. wow gandan ung view promise :) .. sayang nung pumunta ako ng iloilo di ako pumunta ng bacolod which is malapit lng

    1. Drop by here next month, Bacolod is so much alive during October ☺

  3. Parang gusto mo na rin photography like elmer.. hehe

    1. I want to showcase what Bacolod can offer ☺ Hehehe