Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Life's Ironies

As I indulge on my breakfast here at my usual spot (the study table near the window) and appreciate the warmth brought by the big bright sun penetrating through the sunshine-yellow curtains that mom set up.  I cannot help but overhear the whining of some  students passing by about the scorching sun.  How ironic, I thought, when some of our countrymen are threatened by flood and rainfall at this time and here are others wincing quite the opposite.


  1. Talga? Maganda weather jan? Mukhang jan pala magandang mag-invest ng business at mag-settle down ah.

  2. Nasa Bacolod ka ngayon? Buti pa dyan maganda panahon. Grabe, yung flood waters nasa may street na namin huhu :(

  3. guilty here...

    it was all sunny and warm here where I am located at the moment... and I was kinda a complainer of the weather.

    I have no news of the outside world kaya ganun ako kung magreklamo. not knowing, iba pala ang situation on the north.

  4. yaan mo na sila, masakit din naman talaga sa balat ang sobrang init hahaha