Friday, April 20, 2012

'tis Me (2)

Currently Feeling: Frustrated

It's common in Psychology.
It's a brother of Anger,
And a cousin to Disappointment.

They say it's a common response,
Especially if one's opposed.
It's nothing but natural.

It may emanate from within,
But externally is likely to occur.
And Cognitive Dissonance is a descendant of such.

When personal goals and desires
Are laced up with fear and deficiencies.
It creates that perfect brew.

What the hell, am I talking about?
I am talking about me.
I am talking about my currently feel.

Yes, it's Frustration.
My current state.
The one I am going through right now.


  1. hey kid bro, why are you frustrated?

    the KOLOKOYS are always here for you.

  2. This is just a phase, I think and things will come to order (real soon, I hope). Thanks, I really needed that ☺

  3. you know i can always do the resbak for you, right bunso?

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks, Mac-mac. During these times, it really means a lot ☺