Monday, April 23, 2012

Pandora's Box : Question #14

On complexity of life:

How come life is simpler in the past than it is in the present?


  1. Ang hirap naman ng tanong mo. Pang matalino =))

  2. because you are much older or more mature now to think of the complexities of life in the past... hehe

  3. Uhmmm... probably because you have less money to spend, less responsibilities to attend to and less problems to worry about :)

  4. what "past" are we pertaining to particularly? 90's, 80's? hehehe kidding.

    hayyss.. this question requires a sigh of nostalgia.

    medyo mahaba pag inexplain maige.haha
    anyways, for me, things way back is simpler in such a way life's phase is not too fast, too busy, and too competitive.

    i don't think i need to explain this per se. i prolly think you know what i mean ;)

  5. kasi nung past... mas bata ka. "laro" lang ang iniisip.

    you know what happens when growing up.