Thursday, April 12, 2012

Panaad Festival

April 9-15 2012 marks the 19th Panaad sa Negros Festival.  Dubbed as the Mother of All Festivals in Negros Occidental, it is celebrated annually every April here in Bacolod City, the capital of Negros Occidental.  Panaad means promise or vow in Hiligaynon dialect.  The festival serves as a thanksgiving to the Almighty and a prayer for a good life.  Formerly (1993), it was being celebrated on the Provincial Capital Park around the lagoon area until they have established dedicated location for the said event and named it, Panaad Park which also has a stadium, football field, swimming pool and track and field.

The event features 32 festivals coming from 13 cities and 19 towns in Negros Occidental.  Since the location is now permanent, it is easy for the participating town or city to establish something that would serve as their icons. And here are some:

Valladolid's Booth

Sagay's Booth

Toboso's Booth (yes, the booth is the fish)

Talisay's Booth
A little confession. I haven't visited the festival for this year yet, been busy with someone and something around the house (thus these are old pics). Still have remaining days though so I hope to post another entry for this ☺


  1. "The festival serves as a thanksgiving to the Almighty and a prayer for a good life."

    - So may pagka paganism pala kayo. hehe!

    "been busy with someone"

    - eeeee! sinetch? #issuenagliliyab

    1. hehehe di nmn pagan. sya parin nmn yun... prayer in the context of request/wish yun ☺

      "been busy with someone" < relatives aka house guests

  2. at dahil dun, wala akong comment.

  3. Replies
    1. at sa someone talaga ang focus? hehehe ☺

    2. Uu! Un ang intriguing part ng post mo eh :)

  4. naks at least busy with someone. hehe
    BTW, my father is from Bacolod. I was there last 2009. And I wanna go back again this year. =)

    1. Thanks for the visit! Oh, so technically, you're a Bacoleño too ☺ Visit us in October, MassKara kasi yun.