Friday, March 16, 2012

The Living, The Dead And A Cousin

Have you ever flirted with someone during a wake? Or meeting a relative that looks exactly like you? What about knowing that the one you are flirting with ends up to be a not-so distant relative? How outrageous could that be? ☺

It was my grandpa's wake which was just a day before the interment and so there was an in flux of relatives.  We had it on our family's ancestral house, thus following the will of the departed.  The house was big which is made out of the mixture of wood and cement, thanks to our Spanish lineage.  That night, after toiling on the kitchen preparing supper for over 30 tummies, (Oo, ako ang dakilang kusinero pag nasa bahay) there was a power interruption so that saved me from further kitchen duty.

Exiting the kitchen, it was fun to see people feasting on what I have prepared.  Nothing beats the delightful sight of hungry mouths enjoying your creations. And I think it has been a custom for us Filipinos, especially for the people living in the province. If someone dies, the family usually serves abundant food to the guests.  Fiesta ba?.  I shrugged with this, it ain't my money that's being spent anyways Nyahahaha! Kuripot mode? I made my way to the porch where the game tables are set up. Another Filipino custom, I believe. Every time there's a wake, there's always pasugal.

I played a few rounds of mahjong (It's the official family game. You'll never be an official part of the clan when you don't know how to play this one.)  Just when I ended with a joker-eye.  I saw auntie going up the porch and is walking towards the main door with an entourage tailing her.  It's hard to make out with the faces that have accompanied her due to the poor light coming from the candles.  Then there's this guy who was wearing a black shirt, cargo pants and sandals. Intriguing. He was staring at me.  He was standing adjacent to table where I am playing before he settled himself to one of the monoblock chairs scattered on the porch.

He was about the same stature and size as me.  Very intriguing.  I stood up and made my way to the kitchen and served several glasses of lemonade I made earlier.  I made it a point that I served "the guy" last. Yun. Making the moves, ika nga. When I reached the porch he was playing solitaire. I moved to his side Hmm... amoy Bench Atlantis ang loko and said, "Juice?".  He looked up and beamed a smile and then the whole world suddenly became more brighter. Ayt, di pala. Bumalik lang pala ang electricity. Then said his thanks.

"Ian." he said. identifying himself while offering his right hand.
"Brian." I replied and shook his hand. Hmm... firm but not that rough though not that soft either.

He smiled again. Hahahaha... now you are playing my game.  We played Tong-its and I was the dealer. I didn't bother allowing anyone to join. Seize the moment syempre. I was stealing glances of him and was sure he has doing the same.  Saya lang. Parang feeling ko ang tagal na naming nagkalila.  

Then another auntie came out to the porch accompanied by another cousin named, Alvin.

"Oh shoot! The two of you could pass as twins!", he exclaimed with auntie nodding in agreement.

Dazed, we look at each other.  Making a weird face in disbelief and in protest, auntie and Alvin where just laughing. "Clearly, I do not look like this cute guy sitting!" I said to myself.  But quickly studying him, he also have the same hair style and same generic singkit eyes that is very evident from every male representative of the clan.

"I don't think so." Ian said. 

Then another relative came to make things worst.  "Oh so you met each other already."  She snickered a bit. Prolly after seeing our weird faces getting confused and all. "Brian, this is Ian. Your first cousin once removed son".

It was just like a smack in the face.  A little horrified, I stood up, away from where I was sitting. Ian's jaw dropped which created more guffaws.

So much for flirting with your second cousin. Nyahahaha. From then on, I made it a point to be extra cautious when visiting a wake especially if there would be relatives coming.

We still see each other through several family affairs.  He is based in Laguna now as he graduated with Computer Engineering and I am Computer Science. The latest update was that he has a boyfriend.  Me, still single.  That update came from a snooping relative who actually doesn't care that much so long she's update with us, her relatives about our so called "civil status" ☺


  1. 2nd cousin na un, pwedeng pwede na. 1st cousin nga pwede eh. it's not like any one of you will get pregnant and bear a child. LOL.

    I hope MJ knows how to play mah jong, if not he better learn. Hehehe.

    1. true though it's kinda awkward still, Trav.
      wahahaha madali namang i-learn ang mahjong eh ☺

  2. hahaha sayang!pwde pa nga yun kung ako yan papatusin ko si cousin!hot kaya nun mejo may pagka incest pa!lol

    1. nyahahaha behave kami. smile smile at subtle signs lang. baka bumangon si grandpa sa kabaong yikes! ☺

  3. ay naku... panira talaga ng kaligayahan ang mga babae.

    Now i am wondering what if you found out that you were cousins after you do the deed? pretty interesting.. hahahaha

    1. nyaha! ewan ko sa kanya. pero ako magiging okay lang ako kasi di naman ako namimilit eh ☺