Saturday, March 24, 2012

Guess, I'll Die Another Day

Yesterday (March 23) was a date to mark. Well, not for me directly but to my friend.  So what's up with the said date? No biggie, he just nearly died during this day.  It was heart attack.  The said date marked his 1st year after that incident which scared the hell out of us.  He's doing a little better now but his battle is still being fought. He's scheduled to go under the knife later this year.  We are here for you, Nic. You are not alone. Wish you well buddy! ☺


  1. he had an attack last year, then a year after, needs an open heart surgery? did he have to wait for a bypass or will it be a transplant?

    buwis buhay sa medical bills yan!

    1. have to wait for the doctor kasi then he needs to "beef up" for the operation. yeah, it's a bypass.

  2. siya ba yun mineet mo na friend kahapon?

    sana maging ok ang procedure nya soon :-)