Monday, March 26, 2012

Dreaded Question

Another relative is about to get married.  Thus, this calls for another clan gathering. As usual, the elders are gonna brag their riches, gonna showoff their legacy by displaying how wonderful they are in creating such awesome daughters and sons and how successful they have been with family life which I do not mind, let 'em brag all they want, I'm building mine soon anyways. LOL ☺

For us, the younger generation, it'll be less serious.  It's another event to gather up and tease the newly settled cousin.  Make him realize what he will be missing soon. Nyahahaha we cousins always do that to anyone who decides to get marry, especially with the boys.

It's fun, yes but the soon-to-be event will surely have a sidetrack with the most dreaded question and answer portion.  For sure, non will be spared. Everyone who's still single will need to undergo such whether they like it or not.  The question might be delivered in many ways but will still be in one essence. And what could this dreaded question be? Simple:

When are you going to get married?

Well, I may need to evade the most probable life forms that will ask this question to me but for sure, they will scatter all through out the place and evading is nigh impossible. Another plan is to disappear from the scene when everyone gets busy and surely this is also the plan that my cousins have in mind.

Well, if ever I get caught or cornered, there's no other way than answering the said question. And how do I go about that?  This would be my answers (take note answers ha! hehehe sino nagsabi na di ako prepared? LOL)

  • I need to have a lot, a house and car first before I settle down.
  • Education is so pricey today, I may need to become a millionaire first before getting married.
  • Gusto ko po kasing kambal na lalaki at babae ang una kong maging anak, so I'm still searching for the girl.
  • I want the best for my wife (if ever) so I'm still saving up for my wedding. Mahal po kasi gumawa ng gown si Monique at ang catering services ni Chef Rob is pricey as well.
There, that would be some of the alibis. Ewan ko lang kung di sila tumambling after hearing such. And hopefully, they'll lay me off LOL ☺


  1. alam mo be honest, just tell them "bakla ako, pwede?" hahaha. wala ng magtatanong sayo the next time around. pagchi-chismisan ka na lang.

    seriously, may ganyan talaga in every family. ang mission nila i-out ung alanganin with their awkward questions. hahahaa

    1. wahahaha yaan mo sila. marriage naman yung tinatanong edi di naman tungkol sa sexuality ☺