Wednesday, February 1, 2012

No Roses, Nor Chocolates Though Will Probably Have Red Hearts

It's February and we all know what's the most awaited event for this month. Yep, Valentine's Day which is celebrated every 14th of the month. Albeit, history tells us that this celebration is to honor St. Valentine, there was no lovely element about his story. In fact, he was persecuted.  Having said that, that could be the reason why others tend to brood on this day when the general population of humanity is caught up in the euphoria of another gift-giving and love-sharing ☺

And here goes my very own projected Valentine's Day celebration:
Will wake up, fix myself and get dressed. No chocolates, no roses, no teddy bears nor fancy gifts. There might be some red hearts but I'm sure they aren't coming from me. Why you ask? 'Cause I have a shift on this day. 'Cause I am single during this day. Nyahahahaha Oo, ako na ang single. ☺ 

I'll probably have a pre-Valentines Day celebration or something like that though recalling from the previous years, they were never that fancy. Having said from a previous entry, I often times enter a relationship during the summer and they would usually end late autumn or early winter. I dunno, I'm still trying to figure out why.

Don't get me wrong though. I certainly know how to appreciate the said day. I do know how to appreciate the view of a lovely couple strolling around holding hands and whispering sweet (probably naughty also) things to each other.  I haven't given up on love or finding love.  Let's just say I am at the platue phase when it comes to finding love.

Bitter sounding ba ako sa post na'to? Di naman siguro ano? ☺


  1. I really haven't celebrated this day with anyone... :(

    1. counted ba yung parents? If yes, then I did. Else, parehas ta'yo :)

    2. I haven't dated my parents, so lamang ka sa akin.