Tuesday, February 7, 2012


February 06, 2012 at around 11:49 AM - the earth shook, I personally felt it.  Mom was telling everyone to go out of the house -head to the street where it's more open, safer.  I was hesitant -rebellious as I am, but when I saw grandma, who was just sitting quietly on a chair, still keeping composure. I obliged with mom, but seeing to it that I brought grandma with me. 
Big Crack

After a while, it stopped. Facebook and Twitter was flooded with updates. Yes, I, myself contributed to those.

was the first one to publish information. Initial status was at 6.8 Magnitude earthquake then was reviewed and set to 6.7 Magnitude, epicenter was between Negros and Cebu. The quake was Tectonic.  There was a tsunami warning alert level 2 issued, following the shaking but was lifted afterwards.

Even up to now, aftershocks could still be felt.  One of the regions that suffered most was City of Guihulngan.

Here are some raw pictures from the said city after the quake:



Damage to Properties


The Main Road

The Ground Shifted

More Cracks

A Major Crack on the Bridge

Boulders have Fallen

Both Ends of the Bridge Sustained Damage

The Bridge

Reports of Receding Water

No final report yet regarding the number of casualties since there are still people missing.

Credits to : Bongbong, USGS


  1. are this your pictures?

    Good thing you are safe. Ingat jan :)

    1. Hello, Orange ☺
      the pics are from a contact who resides in Guihulngan City. Good thing him and his family are safe.

  2. I don't have an idea that it was that strong... until I saw your pics here :(

    1. sa big cities, wala sya gaanong effect, yung mga small towns pala ang na dale...