Saturday, January 7, 2012

The One I Refused

Having raised to a family who likes to cook (which equates to the love of eating), I was molded how to appreciate good food and taught to respect how to prepare them.  Existing in this world for 24 years, I do certainly know how to cook, raging from the native dishes to the more "pa-sosyal" gourmet cooking, And since every thesis has an antithesis, there's this one "dish" that I am always refusing to cook ☺

What is crazy about it is that it could be considered by some as a no-brainer. I am talking about cooking rice.  Yes, you can make me cook the complicated viands, pastas and even make me bake but please, don't make me cook rice.  To my defense, I have recently knew how to cook rice by virtue of the rice cooker.  With that, I can modestly cook the said item. 

The real challenge comes from cooking rice using the conventional cookware. The process is simple and so are the steps but it just doesn't go too well when I am the one doing it.

Basically, I was taught of these general rules:
  • A cup of rice is equal to the cup of water, unless it has been known that the rice consumes a lot of water during cooking.  Thus, add a quarter to half a cup of water to the mixture.
  • Once it boils, stir it several times and reduce the heat to medium-low.
 I guess this will be my little project for this month. I am setting a deadline that by at the end of this month, I should be able to cook rice conventionally without any difficulty. Good luck to me! ☺


  1. You should know that rice is tastier when cooked traditionally... meaning using firewood. :) hehe

  2. @Wizz
    dapat pahirapan? Nyahahaha di nga marunong sa conventional tapos traditional pa? Good luck sakin! (X__X)

  3. Ako, I can't cook anything. hahaha... sabi ng nanay ko dati, mabusisi daw talaga magluto ng kanina kasi u have to go with the elements - heat, water, type of rice na mayroon kayo. hehe...

  4. ganun daw yon eh, masarap kapag pinaghirapan. :)

  5. Try mong magluto ng rice sa palayok... gamit yung kalan de kusot :)

  6. @Orange
    so true!

    bawiin ko nlng sa ulam ☺

    nyah! di ko keri magluto sa palayok... though naka try na akong magluto sa bamboo... ano yung kalan de kusot?

  7. Meron pala kalan na de kusot? ano hitsura?

  8. Oo nga Elmer, how does it look?