Saturday, December 31, 2011

Time to Cap 2011

2011 started okay for me though it became bland mid-year.  Found new work and started blogging again. Met people, the good and the bad. Uncovered several realizations and sobering facts.  I am ending 2011 single. This year almost ended rocky. Though I am optimistic, as what I have twitted earlier, this 2012 there will be less foolishness, if there's any. Happy New Year Everyone! Cheers!! ☺

The first project for this 2012 is to get back to gym, must shed the pounds acquired during the holidays hehehehe. Must get that gadget that I was eying for.  And time to get aligned to my own field.  Then maybe I could find love before summer starts?  Though I am sure, I will still be spending Valentines Day, Single.

Again, wishing everyone a happy, bountiful and worry-free 2012! ☺


  1. may timeline talaga ang paghahanap mo ng love ha, before summer starts. Do you have plans for summer?

  2. Anong gadget ang gusto mo? Single ka dahil choosy ka ba sa mga manliligaw mo? :)

  3. @Wizzdumb
    na realize ko kasi palagi akong nagkakalovelife during the summer ☺ Beach vacation lang yung plan ko... kung saan man di ko pa alam ☺

    planning to buy a new phone or a new lappy ☺
    wahahahahaha choosy? ako? hindi ah, wala lang kasing nangliligaw ☻

  4. Its okay naman being single diba? Sometimes, being single is not a problem that you need to solve. Anyways, good luck on finding your one sweet love. :P

  5. very well said, Orange. Though sometimes, kakapagod lang na walang sandalan ☺

  6. hala may bad na blogger na na-meet?haha

    andami may plans na mag gym!sana ako din kung maisipan ko!toink

  7. @Mac
    wahahahaha so far wala pa naman akong nameet na bad blogger ☺ Oo, dapat ng mag gym... summer na kasi! ☺