Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sweet Tooth Quick Fix

It's  the last day of my rest day and I'm feeling a bit slow. I don't know but I really feel lazy today despite having spent thirteen straight hours sleeping. I wanted the whole world to slow down for me today but my wish can't be granted so I decided to sink my teeth on to something to create such feeling instead.  

Calea's Black Sambo

Calea'sBlueberry Cheesecake

Calea's Strawberry Granita

Was really fixed after enjoying these treats. Now suddenly, I feel like sleeping again. LoLz ☺


  1. Kumusta naman ang calorie content n'yan? Hehehe. Ang tamis n'yan sobra! Suicide meal yan sa mga diabetes :)

  2. di ko na inalam yung calorie content, besides, everyone get's bigger during holidays wahahahaha (alibi) ☺ Surprisingly, it's not that sweet, yun nga lang napaka sinful ng whipped cream sa ibabaw ng blueberry cheesecake...