Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Role Of A Listener

Went out with a friend to dine. This time, it wasn't my food buddy.  I was a bit perplexed when this person sent an SMS to go out and eat. Yes, we are friends but not the type that would go out often with just the two of us and most especially to eat out. I figured, there must be something important my friend wanted to tell say...

We met up around lunch time for some Chicken Inasal, was a bit surprised when my friend's mom joined us.  The lunch was casual with a serving of humor there and some updates from the local government, to the national and even touched the not-so-confirmed bits of feisty information here.  My friend's mom left after lunch and we are alone with each other again.  We made a stroll and settled to a nearby distant coffee shop.

That's when things started to be gloomy though the sun was so high and bright, enveloping everything with its warmth.  Life is indeed full of ironies. My friend rolled out what he was planning.  He'll undergo surgery earlier next year.  In fact, he is just waiting for a confirmation call.  I was shocked.  I did not think it was this worse.  He poured his heart though no tears have fallen.  I was lost for words.  It's hard to say everything will be okay when you can't even picture out the near future.

After two hours, we decided to leave the place.  Just the right time when the coffee shop was starting to get crowded.  The things he said was just starting to sink in to me.  Before we parted ways, I apologized, I wasn't able to say anything even just to ease with what he was feeling at the time. Things were just happening so fast.  He beamed a smile and patted my shoulder.  He said it was okay.  He thanked me for being there.  And left me with this little thought: "Sometimes, all you have to play is the role of a listener..." ☺


  1. I hope everything goes well with your friend Brian. Eh tayo, kelan tayo kakain ng lunch together to discuss blogging things? :)

  2. hehehe next year... I'll see to it na magkikita tayo ☺

    I wish him well as well...