Monday, November 28, 2011

A Little To The South

T'was my rest day and got nothing to do. Was a little fed up with the all the bustling in city, I don't know. So when Mom said she'll go south to pay a quick visit to grandma, I quickly hit the showers and geared up to go with her.

Wasn't really the romantic sunset that I was wishing for (though I was alone) since it rained in the mid afternoon but hey, there's always sunshine after the rain [see the sunlight piercing through?]

It's not all beach or body of water down south, just on the other side of the road, they got rice paddies.  Probably a few months old as there are no grain heads  or shoots yet

This one was taken on my way back to the city, was cruising through Bago City bridge and right in the middle of this river is an islet.  It would be fun to visit that place though rumor has it it was a breeding ground for crocs. -Yikes!!

What I like most every time I go south is that the road is much closer to the sea so I get to see a large body of water that faces the island of Panay.  I don't know, I just fancy the beach or the sea, I feel serene when I gaze upon a large body of water.  Probably because the subdivision unit that my Dad bought is located at the highlands so technically, I live on the mountains☺