Sunday, November 20, 2011

Little Things That Cause Happiness

Recently finished having dinner with some "future in-laws".  I was finishing my serving of dessert when I saw two kids outside of the restaurant where we were having diner.  One was around 6-7 years old and the other one was 4-5.  The older one was doing a peek-a-boo with the younger while they were running around their folks as they walk towards the door to enter.  The two of them were laughing their hearts out, the sweet, careless and innocent laughter which almost filled the place.  Even others turned their heads to check who would cause such outburst of energy.  It was like contagious as I have witnessed some other folks smiling as the two youngster gallop around the place towards their table, oblivious that there are a lot of eyes looking at them.

I went back to my dessert, now with this little thought clouding my mind.  "How come when we were younger, our happiness does not know magnitude?  Things either small or big seemed to be alike -so long that it brings us happiness.  Now that we have grown up, it possible to revert to such?"

This thought kept repeating on my mind while I was munching through my dessert.  I didn't noticed I was finished with it, until auntie asked me if I need another serving.  Now maybe I should append to that thought, that happiness has the knack of getting lost if you are unaware of it? ☺


  1. alibi mo lang yan para makakuha ka ulit ng another food serving sa aunt mo!chos hahaa

  2. wahahahaha shhhh wag maingay, Mac ☺

  3. Dapat kinunan mo ng picture yung dessert mo... para before and after. After lang kasi ang na-post mo eh :)

  4. yun nga eh... na daran ata ako lolz ☺