Saturday, October 8, 2011

Work Is Also Fun

When I was still with the company I have previously worked for, I could always hear one particular supervisor uttering (I guess that'd be his maxim) that the key to not growing bored of your current work is by thinking that you do not have one. Well in my case, I guess I did not listen that's why I resigned ☺  Nonetheless, I have work now and shall we say, I like it (seriously, who would prefer not to have a job in these tough times?). Bottom line here, everyone knows Work is Business but hey, it can also be FUN!

Confession: I am actually having a writer's lag and I don't know what topic to write as of the moment. I decided to play around with some pictures I took with my new colleagues and ended up making a slideshow. So if you are curious about how do I look or what was the finish product, scroll down a bit and play the embedded video ☺

*video taken down for personal reasons*


  1. Ganda ng background music ah! LSS ko yan eh :)

  2. yun yung theme song ata ng wave namin eh ☺
    Thanks for dropping by Elmer, so were you able to spot me in the video? nyahahaha ☺