Sunday, October 16, 2011

MassKara Festival

MassKara Logo
If you are from Bacolod City and a true Bacoleño [like me] (feminine: Bacoleña) or let us just use the non-gender specific Hiligaynon term, Bacolodnon (English: Bacolodian), you know what to expect come the month of October -The MassKara Festival.  Being celebrated on the said month usually on the third weekend which is near the city's Charter Inauguration Anniversary -October 19th.  The festival started in 1980 amidst of crisis when the sugar prices, which was the fuel of the city, hit all-time low. Contradictorily, the city's artists, local government and civic groups held a festival of smiles since the city is also known as the City of Smiles. They thought of this as a vehicle for the locals to ride out of the gloomy shadow that has befallen -another classic example of Filipino resilience ☺

That was 31 years ago. Now, MassKara is regarded as merry-making whether the sugar industry rises or falls, the Bacolodnon's love for life is a sweet as the sugar it was known to produce.  Having said that, the MassKara Festival now is a celebration of life, a celebration of the Bacolodnon's resilience.

Here are some entries for the artistic wearable mask making contest that I was able to get a snapshot of:


  1. Astig ng mga pictures ah! Taga-Bacolod ka pala. Hopefully, maka-attend ako ng Masskara Festival next year hehe

  2. Yeah, I am ☺ Sure! Punta ka rito, tour kita ☺