Sunday, October 23, 2011


Last October 20th, I celebrated my 24th birthday. Yeah, I am old NYAHAHAHAHA.  It was nothing special really, like it has been a custom (for me, that is) not to make big preparations.  Well, the entire city is celebrating it for me. JOKE! It just so happen that my birthday follows the annual MassKara Festival so people are either busy with it or either busy with it NYAHAHA ☺  Adding to that, a lot of relatives, including my immediate family members were also born on the said month so that means everyone's stomach is pretty full come the 20th.

So, what did I do for my birthday? I literally slept it away because I have a shift on that day.  What was funny is that I forgot to deactivate the posting rights to my wall in Facebook so people decided to birthday greet via comments on some non-related stuffs that are already pinned on my wall -Thank you!.  That didn't spare with the question why they weren't able to post on my wall. Sorry guys, I really have forgot and was really sleepy.  Well, good friends never take no for an answer and never says never (as what we all know).  I was really touched for the effort in sending me PMs instead, THANK YOU VERY MUCH GUYS!! ☺  Some souls decided to greet me in Twitter, which I am grateful too - Thank you!!!.  I have received some SMS as well which was equally heart-warming.

Back home, I decided to treat my parents and my two younger sister out for dinner and a stroll on Electric MassKara at Lacson Street.  At work, I decided to do a pre-birthday celebration, it was nothing big really, decided to bring my colleagues out for breakfast since our shift ends in the morning.  We headed to Manokan Country and indulged ourselves with the famous Chicken Inasal.

So that was how I celebrated by 24th birthday, simple,kinda-short but fun and fulfilling ☺


  1. Happy Birthday Brian! I wish you all the best. BTW, are we already friends in FB? What's your account email? :)

  2. @Mac - thanks for the greeting ☺

    @Elmer - di pa ata, pm ko sa'yo email ko ☻