Friday, September 9, 2011

Fright Night and More

Alrighty, got up early today for some work-related meeting which I assumed to be more than five hours long which really caught me off guard, as it was good for just over an hour (Yeah! My intuition suffered the moment my sense of time got messed up nyahahahaha!!).  So there I was, walking away from the office building got nothing to do (literally). Like hey, I really dedicated this day for that meeting and I have really over-estimated  the duration of it, got no one to blame.

Decided to drop by Robinson's, since it's the nearest mall from the office (it's really a walking distance). Last week I wanted to watch the much plugged indie film, Zombadings but to my dismay was not able to make it and I swear they have quickly changed pictures and that Final Designation 5 is still there like it's the film third week now!? Though I have also watched the said movie.

So there I was walking err more likely strolling, this is like totally random! Decided to play arcade -it has really been ages since I played Samurai Showdown on arcade and I will not blog any further how frustrating it is to get to the last boss and then *pop* "Here Comes A New Challenger..." and I lost (Bwahahaha Yes, my arcade skills are all too rusty now). I resumed my stroll and then found something catchy and someone caught me as well.

I bumped into a classmate, a classmate during College days  to be exact (and we were actually on the same block), didn't actually noticed him at first, not until he was there beaming a smile and is less than a foot away in front of me (as I was saying earlier, I was really blank like my whole rhythm for the day was disrupted).  We checked greeted-hand-shake-and-sent-our-regards to each other.  It was a bit more than the standard "Hi-Hello" and we were even able to comment that both of us have gained some weight.

And then I sauntered off and he too took the opposite direction. So there, that was the one who caught me. Now the one that caught my attention is a movie title, Fright Night. I was curious and I was sure this was a remake and so I decided to watch the movie.

The movie was actually good being a comedy-horror, it deviated from the trending vampire genre and it even returned the classic belief that vampires can only enter one's home after given permission to do so. It actually stars Colin Farrell as the antagonist and Anton Yelchin (Clumsy Smurf in The Smurfs movie) as the protagonist. Click the linkie to know about the: Fright Night 2011 Movie (more of a spoiler, actually).

Movie Poster (credits belongs to the licensed owners ☺)


  1. I thought the movie was really cool. Colin is hot.

    Fickle Cattle

  2. thanks for the visit Fickle Cattle! ☺

    Yeah! Colin was smokin'