Saturday, September 3, 2011

Christmas Officially Starts

Well, in the Philippines that is☺
We have touched down to September just recently and guess what's on everyone's mind? -Christmas!  Even on my Facebook wall, when the computer clock started displaying 09/01/2011 people started posting things like: "-ber months na! Christmas na!!" or "Woohoo!! Start na ng Christmas sa Pilipinas".  Also in malls, you can already see some Christmas decors and hear some Christmas songs playing.

Well, I guess it's already part of our colorful culture and unique tradition.  Having been cited as one who celebrates Christmas the longest. Like yeah, Christmas in the Philippines starts September and usually ends first Sunday of January which would be Three Kings.  And it is even extended in my place, as it ends often times in February -for the Chinese New Year.

And from what almost everyone have experienced for the past two months of economic downturn, I guess it's really like looking forward to a joyful treat and that's optimism -a very innate Filipino nature.  And just like that line on popular Christmas song:  "May all your days be merry and bright, may all your Christmas be white!"

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