Friday, August 5, 2011

What Made My Friday

Alrighty, I have another confession to make... I am a fan of the Harry Potter books and movie series (as if everyone if not all, isn't) and since there ain't no books to be added to the collection anymore and the movie's last installment has just recently hit the theaters, Jo (J.K, Rowling) herself and the rest of the gang decided to have Pottermore...

So what is Pottermore? Watch it here...

Now what is exciting about this is the Magical Quill Challenge which will enable users to participate early. If you are familiar in the world of gaming more so in online gaming, it's much more of a CBT (Close Beta Testing) to test most of the program's components.

I know, the challenge started last July 31st but it will not be over until the 6th of August. The quill challenge is a real challenge for us here in the Philippines since the website (as what I think it is) is actually based on BST. So often times when it is morning here on us, it's afternoon already to them and chances are, registration is already closed. The quill had eluded my for the past four days but last night (err early morning to be exact) was lucky enough to find the quill and register myself. The screen capture on top was the confirmation that everything was set.

It's really good to see your efforts pay off ☺

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