Friday, August 19, 2011

Resident Evil: Revelations

I am a big fan of the Resident Evil series, especially the game since it is where it all started and I confess that even up to now, I am still playing them on Playstation 1, 2 and even on Nintendo Double Screen. And now Capcom and the Resident Evil team will be releasing another title called, Resident Evil: Revelations...

This one is set in year 2005 and is between Resident Evil 4 (story of Leon Kennedy venturing into a Hispanic remote village to rescue the president's daughter named, Ashley) and Resident Evil 5 (story of Chris Redfield on a mission to Kijuju, Africa together with Sheva Alomar).  The characters are life-long partners, Jill Valentine (Resident Evil 3 together with the infamous Nemesis) and Chris Redfield together with new characters coming from a new group called BSAA (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance).  No additional info yet aside from what was released as trailer which includes settingss from a desolate cruise ship, a snowy mountain and a port town.

Sadly, this one is primarily for Nintendo 3DS (which I doubt that I can get my hands on soon) but there is still hope as this Resident Evil is scheduled to be released Early 2012 (prolly, the first quarter of 2012).

As of this time, a lot of people (including me) are puzzled to who the hell is the man tied up on the chair? I have my hunch, tell me yours and I'll tell mine... ☺

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