Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I'm Back To Being A Callboy

Okay, it's official! I am a callboy (again).
Translation: Call Center Agent and since I'm a boy that sums it to being a Callboy. Well, it was an old joke that was really popular during the first boom of the call center industry here in this country. Tee-hee, last July 7th, I decided to resign from my previous callboy life (Hello, People in Adobe TS/CS!!) and even said to myself to try a different field, like banking perhaps or pursue the deeper part of Information Technology.  However, chance was not on my side as of the moment and together with some weird circumstances that are currently occurring around me, it seemed very distant.  Plus, I could really feel the pang of boredom. You see, a hiatus from work is good but having no work at all removes your spending power and together with it, some perks and part of freedom.

As from what I could see, the only door that is conveniently wide open as of the moment is back to becoming a callboy.  Well, there's nothing to fret really and I'm not really a newbie to this kind of industry.  Hence, I have no hard issues when it comes to starting over again and meeting new people.

Training starts in two weeks, I hope this time around it'll be much more different -in a good way ☺


  1. Wow, Adobe pala previous account mo hehe. I've heard relax daw yung account na yun. So, saang account ka na ngayon? Saang place? :)

  2. thanks for the visit Elmer ☺
    it's another center... and it's non-voiced and handles basic troubleshooting and customer care for the Central and Eastern America I believe...

  3. I hope you could find serenity in your new workplace. It is very important to feel at home.

  4. thanks for that pointlessparanoia ☺
    I do hope so as well...

  5. Wow, non-voiced account. Ako din gusto ko ng non-voiced account. Less stress :)

  6. @Elmer
    grabe! sinilang agad ako for 2 live chats! next time pag may nag-ask kung sino yung may call center experience di na ako mag rraise ng hands! XD

    it's an entirely different dimension talaga!

    mas masaya rin yung e-mail account ☺