Monday, August 8, 2011

Exploding Surprise

Woke up a bit late in morning and decided to continue typing my supposedly blog entry for today when I felt the urge to drink coffee (was very successful for the past few days in convincing myself not to drink) but the impending headache became a lame excuse. Went to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee and while I was on my way back to my desk to resume typing, the dinning room light suddenly went dim at first then it flickered (the type you see in the movies when something evil is about to unleashed), curious, I looked up and then boom!
The blasted spiral-type compact fluorescent lamp exploded while I was gazing on it, sending shards and fume all over the place.

Befuddled a first then I snapped, was lucky enough that no shard went into my eyes.  I went back to the kitchen to get a broom  and a dustpan to sweep off the shards whilst carrying the cup of coffee.  I didn't have the appetite to drink the coffee anymore after it got exposed to the fumes. Decided, I drained the coffee to the sink and then I suddenly felt a sharp pain on my left elbow. I looked closer and found a scrape, so the incident did not left me unharmed after all.

I smiled while disinfecting the minor wound and told myself, "it could have been worse" ☺

Post Scriptum:
Having encountered this unlikely event (this is the first in our new house that a CFL exploded), decided to included some Twisted Truth About CFLs.


  1. yeah, it could have been worse... good thing you are all right!


  2. yup... no major injuries luckily ☺