Thursday, July 28, 2011

Melodrama of a Coffeeholic

Alrighty, seems like I was able to tap the poet within me again... (for who knows in which part of my brain I stowed him) I originally wanted to talk about my insomnia and how I envy my Dad, Mom and siblings on how they can quickly fall asleep, while I would twist and turn on my bed a couple of times before I finally doze off. The thing is, I could not find the right words to begin with but rather the first phrase of the poem keeps on repeating on my head. Decided to divert a bit, I turned to the cause of my insomnia -coffee and thus this article is made.

From what I could reckon,
The moment I became fascinated,
I acquired a curse as well.

Oh, how could one resist?
The aroma of delight,
A promise of a bliss.

What a sight to behold,
As emerald turns ruby
and the latter turns to bronze.

As the nuggets turn to powder,
Oh, I can really hear it
The voices so alluring!

Waiting for the water to bubble,
Is like torture to the soul.
Oh, how one can wait any longer?

A little stir to the magical brew.
Ready your goblets
For a serving or two.

Add what you wish,
But a helping of sugar
And a dollop of cream will do.

The promise is fulfilled.
As the mist implores you
To have a sip or two.

The dark liquid may burn your tongue
But it warms the body
As it taps the soul.

Now it is foolish to resist,
As the spell has been delivered
And curse is already on you.

So what do you think? ☺

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